Most Common Air Conditioning Issues

There are outnumbering issues people experience while using their air conditioning systems, especially during the summer period. There is the possibility of various problems regarding temperature, humidity or air quality in the space where this system is used. has many effective and helpful advice about these issues and here are just some of them anybody experienced at least once while being in touch with this system.

When A/C stops working completely

AC stops working completelyIt is always recommended by to reach out for professional help while experiencing a moment where your air conditioner mysteriously stops with its work. There are only a few situations where you may check the issue by yourself and that is to check the batteries of the thermostat, making sure thermostat is in the “cooling mode” with proper temperatures and checking the circuit breaker. If your air conditioner still doesn’t show signs of “waking up” it is for sure good time to call experts to check it out.

No proper cooling

Usual thing anybody can do when your air conditioner is not cooling the space properly is to check the outside unit and remove any possible dirt or debris that could be causing this issue. People often lose the sense of time when was the last time the filter was cleaned which is also the usual cause of this problem. Also, the usual mistake people make is while buying the air conditioner in order to save money. They buy an air conditioner which is not the appropriate size for a planned part of their property expecting some wonderful results.  If all this is not the right issue and your air conditioner still can’t keep up it is best to take advice the certified service and call the expert who will check the charge situation, frozen evaporator coil or some other more serious damage causing this problem.

Water drips

Simply adding refrigerant is not a solution if the air conditioner is leaking. This could be really harmful to people and the rest of the environment. The refrigerant charge should exactly match the manufacturer’s specification so the air conditioner reaches highest performance and efficiency. This is something that really requires a professional hand in order to fix the leak, test it and then do the recharge with the right amount of refrigerant.

AirCon Maintenance

Strange noises

Noises such as clicking sounds when your air conditioner is turning on or off usually mean a problem with the relay. Some smacking noise when the blower is running is usually signed that something is stuck in the blower blades. Thumping and rattling usually indicate to the problem with motor or blower assembly. The professionals always recommend that any experiences this kind of sounds with their air conditioning system should call a professional.

Keeping in mind your air conditioner warranty while doing some DIY repair is a first thing everybody should apply according professionals who work in HVAC Also doing a regular maintenance of your air conditioning system is the best solution to prevent all these problems.