Do it yourself cleaning service hacks

As professional cleaners, we take pride in our work as we enjoy making other people’s homes shine in their best light. However, we also love from time to time to share our experience and some of our tips, so we can help people keep their homes clean if they choose to spend their time and don’t want to hire professionals. These tips have been accumulated over the many years we have performed a spotless record when it comes to cleaning homes in New York.
Now, let get down to the business of how you can clean your home using our tips and hacks.

– Make your cleaning a habit

While hiring a professional cleaner will save you time, sometimes you just have to clean your home and leave only the big issues for the pros. If you want to make your cleaning a bit easier on yourself, you need to make cleaning a habit. Like everything in life once it turns into a habit that we do at scheduled times, cleaning your home won’t be as hard if you do it once a week at the same time. It will be like a workout where you can burn a few calories, which is a win-win in our book.

– Get your favorite tune on

Cleaning as any task can be tedious and a time sink. This can be countered with some upbeat tunes played as loudly as you like. Just put on your headphones or let your computer speakers play your favorite playlist. This will make your cleaning task seem like a friendly task that your brain will enjoy. As long as the brain is happy the task won’t be so bad. Just keep in mind of your neighbors if you live in a flat, as depending on the time you play your music on your loudspeakers you can wake them up.

– Don’t go back and forth

Once you get into a room you want to clean everything there before you move around. Most of the time people waste while they are cleaning is that they start cleaning one thing in their whole house so they waste time walking all over the place. Once you get into the room bring all your cleaning supplies and clean the whole room. This will cut down your time for cleaning by half as you won’t spend so much time running back and forth. Check out what has to say about it.

– Vacuum often

Vacuuming is one of the easiest ways of keeping your home clean. This little friend, if used properly, can keep your home clean for longer periods of time with the least effort required. Just vacuum once every three days and you can prolong the big cleaning for at least 2 weeks or even a month.

– For hard water spots

Use vinegar. This little magical liquid can be used on almost anything, and if you mix it with baking soda it can help with so many things you would not even believe it. But for the hard water stains that you have in your kitchen area or bathroom use vinegar and a hard sponge. It will remove the water buildup in no time flat.