Clean Air Ducts Mean Healthy Life 

Air ducts provide fresh air to the whole house or a building which means that they are an essential system of a household. Any failure with air duct system will result in the lack of air circulation which reduces the air quality within the building. 

Large buildings and their owners hire technicians that maintain HVAC system on a regular basis. This prevents any significant accidents or breakdowns that might endanger the quality of the air. This might be an expensive option for a homeowner, but hiring us, or other companies to maintain your air ducts every once in a while can prove beneficial.

Keep up with us, and we will tell you everything you might want to know about air ducts and their maintenance.  

Known air con issues that might plague your HVAC system 

Air conditioning system is rather simple, and there aren’t too many things that can go wrong. But the cost of the repair will go up if something goes wrong and the last maintenance check was a year or so ago. So, it’s best to maintain HVAC systems to avoid unnecessary costs that may befall you.  

HVAC system 

Lack of maintenance is the leading cause of the HVAC failure. It generates more than 85 percent of all breakdowns. The lack of regular cleaning and maintenance makes it impossible to detect early signs of those breakdowns, and thus it’s impossible to prevent additional costs that will arise. That is why many air con technicians and their companies (including us) stress the importance of the regular maintenance.  


Improper use of the HVAC system can also lead to its failure. The inappropriate use covers everything from the wrong size of the system to its use during cold weather. If the HVAC isn’t the correct size, then some of its elements will be exposed, and that will lead to constant breakdowns. If the weather is too cold, then the system will suffer if it is working during that kind of weather. 

Standard breakdowns and how to deal with them 

Clean Air DuctsThe obvious choice for any repairs in this area would be air conditioning repair Miami, and in the case where we are unavailable, another company with excellent reputation. Now, a most common breakdown in air con system is the leaking of the fluid. It will happen regularly if you don’t maintain the HVAC system as you should do. If the refrigerator leaks then you should call a technician, and they will patch it up in no time. They will also run the HVAC and check whether the repair did the trick. 

If an unreliable party installs your HVAC system or exposed parts of the same, then there is a good chance that the sensor will break after a while. This can also happen if the hardware isn’t high-quality as it should be. Repairs won’t cost a lot. You will just have to pay the technician and the expenses of the parts of the thermometer. If you are lucky, the costs will stay low. If you aren’t lucky, then you will have to pay for a new thermostat.