About Us

We are a small air duct cleaning company, and our team will make sure you get access to the fresh, clean air in your home once again. How dust, debris, and allergens are continuously accumulating at your air duct systems over the years, the air you breathe becomes more and more contaminated. Our dedicated team of professional and friendly technicians will help you clean your air ducts ultimately, therefore, bringing the new fresh air into your home. We will use only the top-notch equipment to clean any air duct system.


Our Offers

We are not the typical cleaning company that will come, clean what needs to be cleaned and vanishes without a trace. We consider our clients to be our friends. Therefore we will make sure our services are provided appropriately and promptly. Whenever you need us, we will be there.


1.Regular Cleaning Services

Even though vacuuming and dusting are certainly a part of the weekly or daily routine, there is no chance for you to reach to each and every corner of your home to clean all the mess. The leftovers are often left and sucked into the air duct systems, therefore, causing constant cycling of the dusty and contaminated air through your home. Before we get to the air duct cleaning, we will perform regular but thorough cleaning of your whole house, but only if you want us too. We will use the only safest cleaning product on the market, and we assure you, you will be satisfied with our service.


2. Air Duct Cleaning

When we arrive at your doorstep, we will first familiarize you with the dangers of not cleaning your air ducts and give you a few pieces of information about maintenance of your air duct system. Our technicians will then cover the floors and corners with protective clothing, therefore, preventing your house to get dirty. At last, we will use only the most powerful equipment to clean your air ducts, and we will connect the vacuum to the main trunk line causing it to collect everything that contaminated your air duct systems. Specialized tools and high-pressure air will help us dislodge the dirt and vacuum it. Your air will be fresh as it never was before.


3. Indoor Air Purification

According to the certain researchers, home air can be more polluted than the outdoor air and everything because of the accumulation of the dust and dirt. Dust pollution can cause more than enough health problems, which is the reason why you have to make sure your air ducts are constantly clean and your indoor air purified. We will provide you with best filtering products on the market, or come and clean your air for you if you want. Our services include using the best filtering products and cleaning equipment you will ever find. And if you don’t want to do it on your own, we are always there to help you.


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We already mentioned we consider our clients to be our friends but we didn’t say how much we value their opinions, constructive criticism and, of course, their praises. Indeed, there is no better award than the customer’s positive views and testimonials. When you’re satisfied, it means we are doing our job successfully.

Hugh Travis

Hugh Travis

“When I first decided to call air duct cleaning company and ask for their services, I was a skeptic. I didn’t believe that the air in my home will be significantly fresher or cleaner. Oh, how wrong was I. Never have I’ve been more satisfied with the service or the employees. Thank you greatly.”

Jason Goldberg

Jason Goldberg

“I have nothing but words of praise for this company. They came, they did the job, the air in my house was breathable once again. They answered all of my questions, teach me a thing or two about cleaning the vents and ducts and went. All in all, high-quality service.

Tania Miller

Tania Miller

“If I had to describe the service with three words, it would go something like this Professional, Through and Quick, which is everything I was looking for. The two technicians were the most pleasant people, and I would recommend them to anyone. Exceeded my expectations.”


Air ducts should be free of any contamination such as molds, pollen, dust and bacteria. .It should be noted that if an air duct is not properly installed, maintained or used .it may lead to the air duct being very dust and contamination of the air duct by molds bacteria and encourages insects and rodents to infest the air duct.

Preventing air duct contamination

It is good to ensure that the air duct in your home or place of work is at all times clean to maintain efficient running AC systems. This could lead to costly ac repair Dallas, in addition, clean air ducts reduce respiratory conditions and allergies. In most cases, professional air duct cleaning is known to remove and protect air ducts from contamination.

Exchange filters often as possible prefab ally after 3 months

During construction, installation renovation or any form of work that produces dust seal the air duct to prevent entry of dust into the air duct.

Call a professional to clean the air duct

Use the most efficient air filter

When the humidification equipment or the heating or cooling system has technical difficulties be sure to call the manufacturing professional


Air duct cleaning services

One thing for sure is that air duct cleaning Houston services are simply inevitable. For air ducts to function properly, they need cleaning at least once in every three years. Clean air ducts will ensure that you have a conducive environment at home and at work.

The best air duct cleaning services are offered by well-established and experienced companies around various states. It is advisable to choose the big names as they are always known to do an excellent job. There are a couple of things that you need to know when doing the cleaning jobs. It is important to hire a company with valid licensing and certifications form local authorities so that the services are of the best quality.

Preventing air ducts from becoming wet

Moisture should not be present in the ducts .moisture forms a conducive environment for micro-organisms .moisture can enter the duct system through a leak or if the air duct has been not installed properly. So as to prevent entry of moisture.

Repair leaks as soon as you notice one so as to prevent entry of water into the air duct.

3 Tips to improve air duct cleaning productivity

Less time should be spent cleaning metal shavings. There are tools designed capture the shavings and therefore no need to spend time cleaning them up

Compressors that can deliver a minimum of 175 psi and 18 cfm of air is very recommendable. This greatly reduces waiting time.

Always use cleaning tools with longer reach to enable you clean longer duct runs. This turns to be essential especially when the ducts are located above hard ceilings or are underground.

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